10 Ways to Beat Liberals in Arguments

If you love to beat Liberals in arguments, watch this entertaining 21 minute video as Ben Shapiro reveals 10 strategies to destroy ignorant, spineless, sniveling Liberals.

  1. Embrace the battle of debate. Facing Liberal hatred, be the happy warrior as you proceed to discredit them.
  2. Don’t accept the Liberal’s premise that they are morally superior.  Define these Leftists for what they really are; America-hating Socialists, Communists, Marxists, Anarchists that achieve nothing.
  3. Frame the debate on your terms.
  4. Spot inconsistencies.
  5. Force the Left to answer questions
  6. Don’t become distracted by irrelevant non sequitur
  7. If you don’t know something, admit it and move on.
  8. Don’t be sucked-in by the paradigm. Don’t defend positions that aren’t yours.
  9. Agree when good things sound good but get clarification, details
  10. Body language matters. Whoever gets angry first, loses. Remain calm and confident.

How Modern Liberals Think



Ever wonder why Liberals are so consistently wrong on every political issue? And not just a little wrong but 180 degrees opposite to common sense. In this Heritage Foundation video comedian Evan Sayet makes a convincing case that Liberals regard opinions based on fact and logical reasoning as bigoted and judgmental. Dictators can be appeased, criminals excused, sloth and corruption tolerated but honesty, integrity, high moral conscience and standards of personal responsibility must be attacked. See why Liberals really do revile America in this entertaining and perceptive video HERE

Obama Surrenders to Border Criminals

border violence

.Abdicating his Constitutional duty to defend U.S. sovereign territory, President Obama surrenders lawless regions of Arizona to violent criminal gangs. Americans are no longer welcome in parts of their country so your government, admitting weakness, is posting “Public Service” signs warning you to keep out. Securing our nation’s borders is secondary to appeasing self-interest racist groups and voter blocs.